Do you want to know the secret to a fully booked holistic wellness  business? 

I have developed my Holistic Client Cultivator course to help holistic wellness practioners, including Reiki, Sound and Crystal healers, to gain more clients using Social Media. 


I have been a marketing manager for over 15 years and have built a successful holistic brand called Holistic Serenity. Now I want to share with you how you can build your own holistic brand online and generate a never ending stream of client bookings.


Join my waiting list for my Live 6 week training on how to generate a never ending stream of holistic therapy clients. 


I will teach you all the tricks and techniques to grow your online profile, improving your online personal brand, and identifying your ideal client, then generating an endless stream of them. 


  • Week 1: Where are you now?

    In this first week we will work together to understand:

    - Where you are as a business

    - What is holding you back

    - Optimise your brand identity

    - Social Media audit of your profiles and growth strategies

  • Week 2: Where do you want to be?

    In this week we look at your goals to clarify: 

    - Who your ideal client is

    - Your capacity and growth capability

    - Your Goals and targets for the next 6-12months

    - Your action plan to get clients right away.

  • Week 3: How are we going to get there? 

    In week 3 we get into the strategy of building your client list and generating bookings.

    You will learn:

    - How to generate offers that your clients can't refuse

    - Where to find your ideal client and get there attention

    - How to rebook clients week after week

    - How to use Social Media growth techniques to build a community of loyal customers who will book in with you time and again

  • Week 4: Practical Magic - more detailed focus on how we build your client list. 

    This week focuses on: 

    - Copywriting for landing pages, Facebook, Instagram and emails

    - How to create an ad campaign funnel, with practical steps and creative ideas

    - Facebook ads - how to set them up and optimise for your client base

    - Google my Business - top tips for getting found on local "near me" searches on Google

  • Week 5: Optimisation - how to test and learn and optimise

    When creating content and marketing, you need to continually improve everything you do.

    The key learnings for this week are: 

    - How to set up tests and know exactly what is driving the outcome

    - How to plan and execute marketings tests

    - How to know what needs to be changed and updated in order to improve

    - How to optimise your Facebook ads in order to get more from them. 

  • Week 6: Evaluating your progress and knowing your next steps

    Knowing where you are, verses where you wanted to be, allows you to recalibrate and set targets to get to where you need to go next. 

    This final week will include: 

    - Evaluation of your activity 

    - Deep dive into your data, funnels, processes and practical methods for generating clients to see what your next steps

    - Put together an action plan for the next step in your growth. 

  • 30 Day Social Media Accelerator

    Along side the lessons, you will have a monthly social media growth day by day breakdown, to help you plan, build and execute your content in a way that is focused towards providing value for your clients and building a sense of community with them. 

  • Content Calendar

    You will get a monthly content calendar planner to help you post daily on social media

  • Exclusive Facebook Community 

    You will join my Private Facebook Group where you can ask any questions directly to me, and have access to regular Q&A live sessions to help your business grow. You will also meet other members of your community to build relationships and business partnerships. 

Live Classes begin: July - dates to be confirmed

All of this for just a one-off fee of £60, that's just £10 a lesson plus a host of extras.